A year with HUFVUD

This month, one year ago, I registered HUFVUD AF HARALD in Sweden. Shortly after I started to receive orders for my first hats through my selling channels. The time up to that point was stressful and full of anticipation. 

Looking back one year, a lot has happened. Lots more tools and material on hand, more than I ever could imagine. Persistence and consistency is why I prevailed in becoming a hatmaker.

Updated workshop with increased space and more tools, August 2018.

Every day feels like a new chapter. It's a fresh start waking up every morning at 05:00 am with a cup of coffee and a look at the order sheet in my studio. Rows of hats lined up to be made and anticipating customers fill the inbox of my email. Plan ahead and everything runs smoothly.

The most interesting thing is that not every hat is the same. I list products in my store, but they always want to be tweaked just a little bit to fit someones desire. I just love that. The planning of an new hat design thrills more than the actual craft.

Ahead is a new Autumn with new materials and new designs to complete. Lets see what happens next.