Did Autumn arrive yet?

Did Autumn arrive yet?

A clear sign that autumn has arrived is when schools are filled with students again. Parents rushing off to work, tanned and still wearing shorts (if allowed by the company).

The autumn colors of last year have been taken out of their hiding place. Already, orders for the most popular Moss Green fur felt is starting to come in.

Moss Green.jpg

At the beginning of January, I made the first RAGNAR Fedora. The felts had just arrived after New Years and I couldn't wait to start making something out of it. This Moss Green looked so different in daylight and in the indoor yellow kitchen lights. Little did I know that It would catch so much attention. 

As January and February in Sweden is the most depressing months, this moss green felt made it all a little better. The countryside was missing a bit of color. Walking from work and through the city, this hat kept me dry and warm as it rained, snowed and the icy cold was biting my cheeks. Maybe a copper hatband is not the best mix and match, it sure made heads turn. Or it might have been the height of the crown?

I for one, think that autumn is not here yet. We still, have a bit of summer left. However, I can rest assured. That when autumn is here and Christmas is around the corner, I will have a Moss Green hat to wear for protection and style. How would you like yours?

Moss Green Fedora.jpg