What am I working on?

What am I working on?

Every week is different. The new week will start with two LEIFUR FEDORAS and finish with a gray color bowler with a very interesting brim binding. Much has happened since my first bowler hat. It's definitely a style of hat I want to continue to make. When the brim of a bowler is finished, its one of the most satisfying experiences of hatmaking. It takes time and dedication to get it right and to stitch everything by hand.

New week, new projects to complete before Friday

New week, new projects to complete before Friday

ragnar fedora

RAGNAR FEDORA has long been one of my favorite hats to make. Its the one that gets most attention. Do I make more of one style of hats than others? Surely I do. But all the styles I offer in the BOUTIQUE are represented. More than once a month do I make the same hat twice. Timeless pieces with a new touch.

I do not claim to be the best hatmaker out there, but my aim is to make great hats that lasts for a long time. With that said, the longevity of a hat also depends on the wearer. Goes without saying.

custom style

Every time I make a certain style it turns out to be different than the first. Its not because every handmade hat will be slightly different, its because the person ordering a hat is looking for his/her specific look in a hat. It could be taller crown, shorter or longer brim, all the way to the mix of colors in hatband and fur felt. Its exciting to match up the right design before commencing an order. That conversation before an actual order could take a few email exchanges. Just wonderful.



beginning of september

With a new month there will be new exciting orders to complete. I will however be taking a 4 day trip to the south of Europe for a short vacation. Have not had one in a long time. last vacation was over a weekend. Perhaps I will find a great place to snap some great photos before the summer is truly gone. Next week is all about completing orders on time and preparing for next month.