Hatmaker Week 7, February 2019: Cold Iron Earth

Completed by end of week 7, 2019

Hatmaker Week 7, February 2019: Cold Iron Earth

Winter is sweeping over Sweden. But in the south, Lund, spring is in full bloom. Unusual indeed and winter will most likely return. Last year, it was heavy snow in late April. This Saturday, I am enjoying the sun in the early morning with a hot cup of coffee.

It goes without saying that the names of HUFVUD hats are inspired by Viking names, long before the TV-series Vikings aired on TV. As a child I read the old Vikings stories in Heimskringla and Edda written by Snorre Sturlasson.

Ivar…your father is dead…killed by serpents. Cold, in the cold iron earth Ragnar lies.

This week I worked on three RAGNAR FEDORAS and one LEIFUR FEDORA, which is still being assembled. One RAGNAR (far rigth) is completed with a vintage green hatband. The other Moss Green Ragnar will have the same look once it is completed. Expected to finish the other two hats by Tuesday next week. The middle Emerald Gray RAGNAR is made from 100X Beaver felt. It will look similar to the other two moss green hats but without a bound brim edge.

50 mm Vintage Green Ribbon, Cotton/Rayon blend

Even though I work on 3 - 4 hats per week, I don’t always manage to finish them all. Especially hats with bound edges takes extra time to stitch by hand that the rest of the work gets delayed. Even if I would get my hands on a Singer Sewing Machine remake then it wouldn’t make the brim look and feel the same. It would indeed make brim binding faster. If I would have the machine I could perhaps offer different versions of the brim. That is the beauty of customization indeed.

Brim still needs to be ironed and dry

Brim still needs to be ironed and dry

Looking forward to complete the 100X Beaver in Emerald Gray. Shaping that crown is always the best part. The felt is very light weight and the possibilities to shape the crown are endless. Afterwards the shape will hold through brutal use and weather exposure. Absolutely amazing felt to work with and to wear. Anyone looking for a durable and a legendary hat should go for a beave blend or 100X Beaver felt.

LEIFUR FEDORA and Sweatband assembly

LEIFUR FEDORA and Sweatband assembly

The 4th hat, LEIFUR FEDORA, is still waiting for the sweatband assembly. After this its onto finishing the brim shape and proportions and then the hatband with liner. Expecting this one to be done mid next week. New for 2019 is to offer free initials in all hats. I have purchased new letters and numbers that is making embossing much more efficient and easier to control than before.

Next week, after these hats are completed, I will work on two new LEIFUR FEDORAS in two different colors. Also a SVEN HOMBURG in Camel color is being blocked out and completed with a copper band and a camel brim binding. Also a similar IVAR HOMBURG is being made as well. In short, its a true vintage week with two Homburgs, which I doubt will be fully completed. Finish this post with another RAGNAR photo and some spring color inspiration of felts.

Have a great weekend!


Mikael Einarsson