Hatmaker Week 11, March 2019: Ribbons for the brave and Custom Made is King!


Finally new hats on the way! I completed 3 hats this week, shipped them off early on in order not to keep excited clients waiting. Some of the hats have been completed 1 - 2 weeks earlier than expected and I even pushed in an shipping upgrade as a bonus. Shipping is still a very expensive cost, one that takes a big chunk out of the selling price. I wish there were a better cost effective way to ship hats. The boxes are light in weight with a hat packed, but the shipping companies charge for the volume weight of the box and not the actual weight. I love to offer free shipping, which I do from this site, but it’s expensive.

First off, I completed and shipped three LEIFUR FEDORAS. Two in Rabbit & Hare Blend and one in 100X Beaver blend. All in Sable brown color. Worth to mention, each LEIFUR FEDORA that I complete are different. Every customer ordering a LEIFUR has their own specific requirement and request for the proportions of the hat. That is a very important point to note. Not every proportion of the hat, meaning brim width and crown height fits each type of face. We have all different features and shapes that deserves a correct fitted hat. I do not have the face of Harrison Ford to pull off a similar proportionate hat. I am size 57, his Raiders hat was a 58.

I personally prefer shorter brim for any hat I wear and to curve the sides up a bit to make it look even shorter. As a result, the hat I wear is not considered screen accurate, but when wearing it look much more correct and fitting. Sometimes I make a very tall LEIFUR Fedora and get surprise when I see how well it fits the new owner. As I listen to what my clients want I try to give as much feedback as possible, but ultimately its the wearer who knows their head the best.


That’s the beauty and importance of Custom Made hats. You can decide how you would like your hat to sit and look. I am glad to offer consultations to find the hat that suits your need. I can honestly say that before any hat order is even placed I would have several email exchanges to confirm every detail in order for me to also determine that I fully understand what you are looking for. To have choice of sweatband and true grosgrain ribbons are an added bonus that I offer, as well as free tamped initials on the sweatband.

I have invested in new true grosgrain ribbons that I think any hat enthusiast will appreciate. I had customers wait a week extra just to have these new ribbons placed on their hats. It makes a different for the overall look of the hat but also the longevity. A legendary hat should last long enough to be called a legend. There will be a section on the site where you can browse the ribbons properly, still need some time to arrange for this.

Feel free to ask me to send photo of your desired felt with the specific ribbons that you like. More are one the way, but its a great start for the year to showcase more of what I have to offer. These ribbons are cotton/rayon blend. In the photos these are all 50mm width.


Orders made from January are starting to be completed. If not finished then they have at least been started on. Either blocked or sweatband has been cut out and the reed stitched in. I have caught up a lot since January but some delays have occurred due to new ribbon arrivals.

I am glad to have started the Royal Blue Bowler that is being sent to a repeat customer in Hong Kong. This felt is a bit tricky to capture with my camera. It looks light but is darker Royal Blue. Its definitely not a dark Navy color but it makes for a really nice Fedora. With the matching choices of blue ribbons, both for the crown and edge, it looks amazing. I have a Blue RAGNAR FEDORA coming up soon within the next few weeks that I am excited to make.

Other than this Royal Blue HJALMAR BOWLER I am working on 3 SVEN and IVAR HOMBURGS. Also another LEIFUR FEDORA in Rabbit & Hare blend. Will see if I have the time to block out 2 other fedoras that are up next after these.

Want to know more or if you are ready to design your next hat with HUFVUD, send an email to info@hufvud.com.

Have a great weekend!

/ Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER