Hatmaker Week 10, March 2019: Custom Made Sweatbands


Another productive week has passed. Started with the completion of another SVEN HOMBURG in Gray-Beige Rabbit & Hare blend felt. Finished with a Brown crown ribbon and a bound edge. This particular style of hat has been with Hufvud since the beginning. It was among the first hats that I had on offer in various colors. The name Sven is after my late grandfather who wore similar hats in the 1930s Sweden. The hatband is a 50mm wide ribbon and the crown is around 5 inches tall.

I also complete a Moss Green Open Crown hat with a wide brim which is absolutely stunning in a darker green vintage gross grain ribbon. Its a bit of a shorter crown than what I am used to make at approximately 4 inches in height. It also makes the brim look wider due to the low height. I make these Open Crowns in various proportions and color mixes. Normally its made at 5.5 inch tall crown or even at a maximum 6 inch crown. Many prefer the crown to look taller than the brim, where a 5.5 inch crown and 2 3/4 inch brim.

Current hats that I am working on this week and next:

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA - 100X Beaver - Sable Brown

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA - Rabbit & Hare Blend - Sable Brown

  • SVEN HOMBURG - Rabbit & Hare Blend - Camel

  • SVEN HOMBURG - Rabbit & Hare Blend - Sand


Something that has been on my mind for a long time is to be able to offer different color vegetable tanned leather sweatbands. These are equally comfortable as the ones I used before in 2018. The reason for changing is foremost that the supplier was not able to supply the specific leather that I needed for these hats. These are a great replacement and will be part of Hufvud for years to come. From the top we have Amber, Oak and Walnut. Took a while to figure out the names for the colors, still might change it in the future. Feel free to suggest name change for the colors, would help a lot.

To something totally different. It’s fun to make something different from time to time. This hat below is part of a series of hats that I will make. Introducing RAGNARÖK by HUFVUD. I was asked to make something different and something that still stood out as a Hufvud Fedora. It’s still a soft-to-touch felt with a light stiffened crown. It’s not up on my site as a listed product, feel free to open up a conversation through email if you are interested to know more. info@hufvud.com

Enjoy the weekend!

/ Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER