Hatmaker Week 17, April 2019: LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA and Why Wear Hats


Why you should wear a hat

I welcome the rain because it is needed. Levels of ground water are low and the dry warm month of May is about to begin. Swedish summers are wet, but last year it was unusually dry. Forrest fires and major problems for the farmers to keep livestock alive, with low crop yields, were on the news every day.

Essentially, why do you need a hat? Is it fashion before function? This week has been all about LEIFUR Lucky Fedora and Dress Bowlers/ Homburgs. Both are the same thing. Fur felt, shaped differently and with various finishing. I would argue that it is as important today as it was in the past. To protect and shield from the weather. The sun and the rain is wonderful, but it takes a toll on our health if we are exposed to it too much. A hat, with the right material, gives us the protection we need. Being good looking makes it more amazing to wear. Its a balance of having a great protective layer and adding to ones wardrobe of accessories.

But hold on, we don’t spend as much time outdoors as we do indoors in an office. Then perhaps get out more often. I love technology of smartphones but honestly, we should be out and about more enjoying the environment. Why not be protected by a hat. It’s still as good looking as always. You don’t need several hats, but you need one good one. Expose the hat to the weather and it might alter with time. No problem. The quality of the felt makes it possible to reshape after decades of wear. It’s like keeping a well tuned car alive. The parts might need to be changed but the core is still there. The things that you take care of lasts much longer as well.



Week Recap

I made a one of my lowest crowned Bowler this week. It’s in a 30X Beaver in Emerald gray, around 4.25 inches tall. If you are thinking of getting a Bowler or Homburg made, go for the 30X. Absolutely amazing. Can’t find the color you want? No problem. Ask me to get it for you. Speaking of protection, this bowler was made with additional natural shellac stiffening to make the crown harder. A true bowler feeling to it. Not as stiff as a western felt, but just enough to feel like a soft helmet. Bowlers, after all, were used as helmets in the past for riders. Though, I make them with a bit of extra curve for that additional vintage look that I love to make. It takes longer to create but the result is just amazing.

Every hat that I display on my site can be altered in crown height and brim width. Meaning, if you want the crown lower or taller I am able to arrange for you. There are limitations of course, but this is why our initial conversation is important. Planning and discussing a hat before making is as important as the actual production process. Problems and concerns are alleviated. Communication is important. Always.

HJALMAR BOWLER, Emerald Gray & LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare

HJALMAR BOWLER, Emerald Gray & LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare

100X Beaver, Sable Brown, LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA

100X Beaver, Sable Brown, LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA


This week has been about LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA. First photo is of the Rabbit & Hare felt. Second is the Sable Brown 100X Beaver felt and the one below is the 100X Beaver Dark Brown Rust. It just continues. Every week I make and finish a LEIFUR Lucky. I love this style, not for it’s iconic look alone, but for how it sits on the head and feeling of rough 1930s fedora. To see this hat in various colors are just amazing. Just accepted orders to make this hat in various colors, you should be able to see something different in the coming blog posts.

Rabbit & Hare is a superior hat or deluxe hat to wear. I use this blend instead of 100% Pure Rabbit. The blend of hairs binds together stronger as they have different characteristics. Beaver is much stronger as the hair strands looks like little tiny hooks that latches on. This makes the Beaver more stronger and durable while still being able to let out air more efficiently. A more breathable hat. That’s what you need when wearing a hat in both winter and summer (some parts of the world it’s still too hot for felt). You also need a taller crown. A low crown keeps the air less circulated and more trapped compared to a crown that is able to keep a circulation going.

The style of the hat that you wear does not matter much, but the fur felt makes all the difference. Besides, the 100% Beaver fur felt uses less hair overall to make a stronger hat and it is also more light weight. I can only speak for my own felt selection that is specifically constructed for the type of hats that I make. If you order a HUFVUD 100X Beaver it is not the same as another brands 100X.

100X Beaver, Dark Brown Rust, LEIFUR Lucky Fedora

100X Beaver, Dark Brown Rust, LEIFUR Lucky Fedora

Last orders from February is on the block

Last orders from February is on the block


Next Week

I am now working on the last four hat orders from February. That month was hectic. A lot of orders came in at the same time and I nearly extended my production time to 3 months time. At this point it is still at 8 - 9 weeks. My mystery hat that I talked about 2 posts prior to this is still on hold. Would like to use up more of my time to complete these hats for you.

Hats on the block

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, 100X Beaver, Sable Brown

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare, Dark Brown Rust

  • CUSTOM DESIGN, 100X Beaver, Sable Brown

  • HJALMAR BOWLER, 30X Beaver Blend, Emerald Gray

Continued Hats

  • SVEN HOMBURG, 100X Beaver, Sable Brown

I thank you for your attention and patience in waiting for your hat to be made. It’s my great honor to help to keep this craft alive and to improve lifestyles.

Have a great weekend!


MIkael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden