Hatmaker Week 21, May 2019: RAGNAR FEDORA at its best! Classic Bound Edge Brims.


When did hats look the best? In my own opinion, prior to 1930s. With the movies such as The Thin Man, William Powell wore hats like a true gentleman. Even though RAGNAR FEDORA is named after a famous viking, the style of the hat is inspired from the 30s. I am yet to explore all movies from that era, but what I have seen so far is most inspiring and just amazing. The 1960s really killed the fedora in many ways. Not only did the development of vehicles and presidents dress code have a huge impact. The shape of the fashionable hat changed to a low tapered crown that made men look smaller and the hat less likable.


The TV-series Mad Men did make the hat look great, but so does Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. Give a supermodel a fanny pack and by god doesn’t that make the pack handsome? Marketing at its best.

Imagine how hats used to be. Extremely tall crowns that were stiff to wear and then developing into softer fedoras with a bit of height but with more ways of shaping the crown. With Stetsons Open Road hat it was already the start of a new era. You could buy an Open Crown hat in any town and have them fixed up and shaped anywhere. It was like finding a dealership for your car to be served. The 1930s was not the first time hats were more individual but it was a hat fitted for the city gentleman with an individual touch.

RAGNAR FEDORA aims to relive the 1930s in the 21st Century. However, it’s not for everyone. I personally can’t fit in a hat below 5 inches, due to the height of my head. I can’t wear anything taller than 5.5 inches or taller, due to the shape and size of my face. The journey of finding a fitting hat is thrilling but can be difficult. I am glad to help you find your style. Send me an email and open up an discussion of what type of hat would fit you the best.

This week was all about RAGNAR FEDORA. The 3rd one, which is different from the moss green in the photos, is still being assembled. I’ll show that hat next week. Every day of this passing week has been about binding brims. Stitching them over and over, steaming the ribbon in place, and finishing the attachment for a smooth surfaced edge. This is a process that takes time as I do it 100% by hand. No machines as of yet.

What’s new for this build of RAGNAR FEDORA is the mix of colors. It’s the first Moss Green with a brown ribbon and binding that I have made. The color blend looks amazing. I do love the Vintage golden/green look that I have created several times before, but it’s great to be making something different.


The moment a hat is completed as an Open Crown is a great sensation. I love the look of just a simple Open Crown. I always offer to shape a hat to any desired shape or look for any potential client. Occasionally someone requests an Open Crown to be able to shape it up on their own. This beginning to a LEIFUR FEDORA is indeed a great looking hat as it is. I recommend for anyone to get an Open Crown and attempt to shape their own individual look. My first ever hat experience was the same way. I purchased an open crown and shaped the hat the way I wanted it to be and I was thrilled by the entire experience. Gentle steam, 15 cm away from the steam source, for a few seconds and the shaping can begin.

If you attempt to steam your own hat, make sure to ask your Hatmaker how to do it properly. I have experience with clients that took matters into their own hands and fully placed a hat over an open pot for 20 min and simply boiled the hat before attempting to shape it. Not a good idea and against any recommendations. Too much steam and over longer period of time will damage the components and create a misshaped felt that need to be reblocked again.

Before going into what I am working on next week I wanted a share an inspiration of color combination for anyone in search of a new hat. Below is a Sage Green felt with a Blue/Green ribbon, taupe color perhaps? I love the color combo and I already got requests to make one in the near future. Let me know your thoughts on the combo. Hate it or love it.

Currently Working On

  • IVAR HOMBURG, Rabbit & Hare Blend, BLACK



  • CAMPAIGN HAT, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SAND

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SABLE BROWN

The first two hats are near complete. The gray-beige hat has a complete bound edge with minor details left to be done. Should be finished by Monday or Tuesday, probably the best looking RAGNAR FEDORA to date. Can’t wait to showcase it.

I am working full speed, long hours, to finish up as much as possible before my two week vacation this summer (Only two week vacation of the year). Hate to delay any hat at all, but it does happen some times. Expect 60 - 90 days for any new order.

Have a great weekend!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden