Hatmaker Week 19, May 2019: Shipping Boxes Made by The Sun - Sable Brown & Homburgs

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Hufvud shipping boxes are literally made by the sun. Boxes are produced locally from a Swedish box manufacturer. What makes them unique is that their factory is fully powered by solar panels. The boxes are fully recyclable and the protective pouch surrounding your hat is made from 100% Organic cotton. It keeps the hat breathable and dust free in storage or through your adventure travels. Low cost? Not at all, but well worth it to keep your hat safe. Sturdy enough to ensure a safe arrival of your hat and once you receive the box you can either keep the hat in the box or discard the box for recycling.

What holds the boxes together is also made from paper with a natural rubber adhesive. How environmentally friendly those sticky tapes are, I am not sure about. But it beats using regular plastic tape to keep the box sealed. Why not just save the cost and order a bunch of boxes from China? That’s the thing, I love to support local businesses even though it costs me a bit more per box. I can ensure the quality and receive direct support if and when needed. Obviously if I order a higher quantity I would be able to keep the cost down. But it all got down to finding the right space to keep the boxes stored.

In Mid February (I probably have mentioned this before) I rented a small storage unit to receive and store the flat boxes in. Within a month I had moved all 300 boxes to my studio and they are now stored safe in my private storage room. Receiving the boxes here directly was out of the question since the road to the studio was under construction. I keep some boxes ready every week, folded and ready to be used for finished hats during the week. When I started out in 2017, I had to buy large moving boxes that I had to hand cut into the right shape to fit a hat in. Time consuming and it looked horrible. These boxes I have now both give a great impression and serve as an important protection for your hat.

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LEIFUR Lucky, 100X Sable

LEIFUR Lucky, Dark Brown Rust

This past week has been all about Sable Brown felt hats. I finished a Custom LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA at the beginning of the week. Made with a tall crown and a wide grosgrain ribbon in cotton/rayon blend. Another Sable brown SVEN HOMBURG was completed mid week with same grosgrain ribbon color. Believe it or not, this Friday I completed binding the brim of another Sable Brown felt fedora, as seen below. All of these are 100X Beaver felts (100% Beaver).

Been using Sable Brown felt every single week and it was a great blessing to finally receive my first replenishment in Rabbit & Hare blend. Expecting another shipment of 30X Beaver in Sable Brown too as that is almost sold out. 100X Beaver is starting to run out and I will place an order for those soon. Sable brown is a popular color, not only for specific LEIFUR FEDORAS but for many other custom builds as well. Got more interesting hats coming up soon that I can’t wait to start making. March orders are being started and I have already contacted some clients to inform about the progress of their hats.

Sable Brown, replenishment

CUSTOM ORDER, Sable Brown, 100X Beaver

CUSTOM ORDER, Sable Brown, 100X Beaver

As I am commencing March orders I realize that there are a lot of orders with bound edge brims. They will take longer time to make. Currently this forces me to increase the production/ process time for each hat and new orders. It’s safer to say that orders now take between 60 - 90 days to make. I will be updating my homepage store and Etsy store with this information as I can’t promise a shorter delivery than this. I appreciate the patience and the kind words I receive from you. I wish I could deliver faster but the quality is very important to uphold and I suppose it’s important for you as well.

HJALMAR BOWLER Taking Shape, 30X Beaver, Emerald Gray

HJALMAR BOWLER Taking Shape, 30X Beaver, Emerald Gray

Some of the hats I mentioned last week are still under construction. I focused on completing the hats I was currently working on and the new blocked out hats moved along slowly. Next week you will be seeing more whippet styled fedoras, RAGNAR FEDORA, coming up. Also I am starting to work on an amazing blend of Gray Beige felt with a burgundy ribbon and binding. Can’t wait to complete and display that hat before it ships out. I am proud to say that hat is going to a great musical artist in Sweden, I won’t reveal who it is without proper consent.

I have been contacted on several occasions for making Influencer hats. Let me make it clear, that I will never create free hats for the sake of marketing and display. In my experience, the Influencer don’t respect the craft or the product well enough (can’t speak for everyone). Clients that purchase and wait for their hats patiently often display Hufvud hats in their social media and that is the proper and best marketing a small business can have. It’s always great to skim through forums to find happy customers displaying their hats, whatever the brand. I am truly thankful for those actions and it shows the worth in a custom made hat. I have stated, at the bottom of the site, that I am able to make collaborations but it’s not that kind of collaborations.

I do believe in charity work, which is definitely not the same as giving a hat for free to an Influencer. It is in my plan to have a charity raising Fedora available Quarterly (to begin with) where the profit will go to a cause I stand for. I will blog about that once I start. Expecting to begin next Autumn, but earlier once I get my self organized for it.

Currently Working On





On the Block Next Week

  • IVAR HOMBURG, Rabbit & Hare Blend, BLACK


  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SABLE BROWN

Have a great weekend! I hope wherever you are, the sun is shining and you are having a wonderful time.


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden