Hatmaker Week 23, June 2019: Fedoras and Campaign hats if you please.

Week 23 Banner.jpg

On occasions I am asked to create a Campaign looking hat, or Montana Peak. With a shorter brim and a taller crown, I have made this hat in various colors and styles. It’s not a hat for everyone. The tall crown wouldn’t fit my face, for example. If you are brave enough to pull it off, I take my hat off to you. Of course, if I lowered the crown then it would probably work on me as well. That’s the beauty of custom made, adjust everything to fit your style.

If I am not mistaken, the Campaign hat comes from the 1840s U.S Army. Mainly used within the mounted troops and with a crease that is greatly influenced by the Mexican sombreros at the time. Often, these hats are found with a decorative cord at the front. Also, these hats have been seen used during the WWI. I normally make the hat with limited stiffness compare with the army hats that are stiff as a board to make the brim stand out straight.

At times, I have thought about making a vintage green campaign hat and fully replicate the 1918s style. With decorative cord and insignia. If you are in the market for a replica campaign hat then send me an email. Would love to make one.


This weeks post is a bit shorter than usual. I only took one day off this weekend in order to catch up on work before going on holiday. Trying to finish up as much as possible without rushing any of the work. Here is what I am working on and what’s on the block.

Currently Working On:

  • LOKI OPEN ROAD, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SAND

  • SVEN HOMBURG, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SABLE BROWN

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SAND

On The Block Next Week

  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SABLE BROWN


  • LEIFUR Lucky FEDORA, Rabbit & Hare Blend, SABLE BROWN

A lot of LEIFUR Lucky FEDORAS coming up next week and towards the end of the month. Will aim to finish up most of them this month in order for you to commence your adventure this summer. A great travel hat and to accompany anyone. I am taking mine with me over to Copenhagen today.

Have a great weekend!


Mikael Einarsson | HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden