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The classic vintage 1920s - 1940s fedora. Taller crown and with a dimensional cut brim, with shorter sides. Soft to the touch this fedora takes you back to the age of the prohibition. Finished with a Grosgrain Ribbon, Cotton/Rayon blend and a silk liner.

Standard Proportions (Customizable)

  • Crown Height: 5.5 inches, 14 cm

  • Brim Width: 2 5/8 inch (6.5 cm) front/ back and the sides 2 2/5 inch (6 cm)

Available in a RABBIT & HARE BLEND, 30X BEAVER Blend and 100X BEAVER (100% Beaver).

Fur Felt:

Processing time and Shipping

  • 7 - 8 weeks - please refer to the main page for most updated time

  • FREE SHIPPING available for some areas. EXPRESS SHIPPING option available as well.


Let's give you insight in how I make hats which also explains the time that is needed to make a custom hat. 


A felt hood is steamed and sometimes drenched in hot water to make it pliable for the wooden block used to make the specific shape of the hat. As the hat is forced down on the block there is a short time window before it needs to be steamed again in order to shape it. With a string, the hat is secured on the block and further pushed down onto the block. The crown and brim is worked over and over with steam, ironing and a specific technique that makes it stronger in its new shape. This process takes overall 2 days to complete with the tools that we are using. There is also an important drying process that needs to be take into account before moving onto the next stage. 


As the felt has gained its new shape and dried in place its ready to be further prepared by giving it a nice finish towards the outside. The felt is still on the block in order to make the process more convenient. With a specific degree of sanding paper the felt is worked in circular motions for an even finish. Once the felt has been giving its final look the brim needs to be trimmed to the specific length of an order. With a brim cutter, or Rounding Jack, the brim is evenly cut. For specific order the brim needs to be given a dimensional cut where the sides are shorter. For that process it needs to be done by hand and eye coordination then moving on to the final finish of the brim edge. 


Our sweatbands are cut from a sourced Scandinavian deer skin which comes from government regulated hunting of animals for keeping balance with nature. As much as of the hide is used, as possible for making leather sweatbands, remaining leather is crafted into other items. The sweatband is prepared and shaped to give a the wearer comfort and the right size together with the prepared felt. These sweatbands can not be mass produced and is part of our hat making process. Before being assembled onto the hat the sweatband receives various stamps to show our brand, size and materials used. 


At this stage the hat has been made and its been made into an open crown where its time to make the finishing touches. Additional steam to the hat makes it conform to the sweatband. With a gross grained ribbon attached to the hat its starting to look like a finished product. Steam to the crown and the hat gets its specific crease and pinch to the crown that will last until additional steam is added to the crown. 

Due to the beginning blocking process the hat will maintain its shape for years to come and is easily manageable in different weather conditions.