Hufvud: Obsolete spelling of Huvud, translates to “head” in swedish

established in 2017

It all began when I couldn't find the type of hat I was looking for. I wanted something taller and an interior that was mixed with leather and silk. I wanted to wear a hat that told a story. My story.

Hats don't just create a look they protect our health from cold and wind. A well made hat will stay on your head and a sweatband will cushion your head from wear. The deer skin leather from Scandinavia comes from reindeer that are regulated every year in order to maintain a balance between nature and animal. Same goes for our fur felt which only comes from respectable and sustainable felt makers in Europe.

I have heard stories of hats being found from over 100 years ago which still are as vibrant as the first day they were made. This is the change I want to see, to make use of items we don't have to throw away but to keep for next generation. A hat also becomes someones personality that will live on, long after they are gone. Hats made for a legend.

Every material I purchase will be used. Scrap leather will turn into other items. Parts of the felt that are cut off can be preserved for other items as well. Nothing gets thrown away. If there is a mistake made in a hat, it will either be converted to another style or Iwill find a use for it.

Same goes for the shipping boxes. Everything made locally with no, or limited, use of plastic.

Now, have a seat, and tell me your story.

Mikael Einarsson





European fur felt


The body of the hat is made from felted animal hair. Mostly Rabbit & hare mix is used for the basic hats. For the more durable and exclusive hats that will last longer, Beaver is used. Beaver sometimes mixed with hare for making a strong bond of felt.

The European fur felt comes from a reputable maker of felts, who source the main hairs from norther Europe. Just like our Scandinavian deer skin the hair comes from animals that are balanced with nature through seasonal hunting.

The felt bodies will last longer than a lifetime. An old hat can be reshaped after it lost its original shape from many years of wear. It even lasts longer than the leather sweatband or the sewn in hat band and silk liner.


custom leather sweatband


The sweatbands are made from Scandinavian Deer skin, the luxury of nature. Soft and structured by nature. The vegetable tanned leather has a thin and strong character and is suitable for our sweatbands that conform to your head with wear.

The assembly of the hand sewn sweatband will give you the feeling of not wearing anything at all. The hat will sit comfortable and stable on your head regardless if you are on a horse, bicycle or walking down the street in light windy weather. 

The deer skin comes from northern part of Scandinavia. Its a balance of herder and nature that these skins are available and used for making the sweatbands.