established in 2017

I spent the beginning of my life traveling the world working within hospitality management and various luxury retail companies, looking for the ideal life to live. As the wheel of time turned I felt this part of my life did not suit my soul. 

I began looking for my true passion, one that I didn't even know I had in me. Somehow I always loved working with my hands and therefore craftsmanship was an option. Prior to making hats I sewed neckties and knitted hats for winter. Fedoras and Homburgs were something that I had seen on the big screen. I ended up sitting in my tiny apartment and started to figure out how I could make a vintage looking hat that I would like to wear. Hats that I had seen in stores had a short crown and made in a factory somewhere. I took a leap of faith, resigned from a stable income and ventured out to learn how to make hats from books and studying how hats are made.

My inspiration came from reading about hats that had been dug up from 100 year old graves, still intact and as vibrant as the day they were made. This is the change that I want to see in the world, to use items that we don't throw away but keep for the next generation. That same hat will tell a story. About a person or event in history. It lives on because its still there, in a hat. The materials used for making hats should not be wasted but fully respected for where it comes from and how it can enhance a lifestyle.  I hope my story can inspire others to make a difference.




European fur felt


The body of the hat is made from felted animal hair. Mostly Rabbit & hare mix is used for the basic hats. For the more durable and exclusive hats that will last longer, Beaver is used. Beaver sometimes mixed with hare for making a strong bond of felt.

The European fur felt comes from a reputable maker of felts, who source the main hairs from norther Europe. Just like our Scandinavian deer skin the hair comes from animals that are balanced with nature through seasonal hunting.

The felt bodies will last longer than a lifetime. An old hat can be reshaped after it lost its original shape from many years of wear. It even lasts longer than the leather sweatband or the sewn in hat band and silk liner.


custom leather sweatband


The sweatbands are made from Scandinavian Deer skin, the luxury of nature. Soft and structured by nature. The vegetable tanned leather has a thin and strong character and is suitable for our sweatbands that conform to your head with wear. The assembly of the hand sewn sweatband will give you the feeling of not wearing anything at all. The hat will sit comfortable and stable on your head regardless if you are on a horse, bicycle or walking down the street in light windy weather. 

The deer skin comes from northern part of Scandinavia. Its a balance of herder and nature that these skins are available and used for making the sweatbands.